Good little workout tonight…

I was going to try to defeat the hill that I tried last night. You remember, the one hill that is my mortal enemy…my nemesis. I was going to. But, I wimped out. I wanted to ride a little flatter today. My wife knew of a trail not far from our house so we loaded up the bike and headed out. She dropped me off at the beginning of the trail and I took off.

This trail was hilly, but not so much that it was tiring me out too much. I did get the opportunity to change the gears to cable me to climb the hills easier. This is what I needed. I needed to practice changing  the gears and getting used to WHEN to change them. I will admit that it helped me with climbing them.

I also wanted to make sure to try to get a cadence going and staying in that range. I actually up-shifted to make it feel like I was pedaling going downhill as well, instead of coasting and letting gravity pull me down the hill. This gave me such a good workout.

I didn’t go FAR, today, only a little under three miles, but those three miles were as intense as I have ridden since I have had the bike. I am going to try to ride for time, I think, and let the miles be what they may.

More later.

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