Hills, Hills, HILLS!

It seems like Im always talking about hills. Well, I live in NW Georgia near Atlanta and unfortunately, hills are what we have here. I dont like them, but I can’t do much about them except to ride them and get used to them.

So, today, I went on a ride on a loop around my neighborhood. It has some pretty moderate hills. These are hills that I tried on the second day of owning my bike and they kicked me in the head. I couldn’t make it up ANY of them at that point. Today, however, I went up all of them without stopping. It was a rough ride and I definitely thought about stopping and walking them, but I refused to let myself.

After I was finished, I thought I was going to die! Heart felt like it was gonna beat out of my chest and my legs were sloppy. The entire ride was a little shy of two miles, but I was spent!

I would have never been able to do this without the advice from the guys at The Clydesdale/Athena forum at bikeforums.net as well as the advice from the Beginners forum at bicycling magazine Forums. Without those guys helping me with learning to change my gears and when to change them, I would have been walking up those hills today as well. I could not have done these hills without the advice from those guys regarding my gears. Im getting better with them, except when trying to switch my front ones into the lower gear on the way up at the bottom of the hill. TWICE today, I switched the front gears into 1 and the chain decided it didn’t like me and popped off. I think I need to get that adjusted. Will probably take it to my local Bike Store tomorrow to get them to look at it.

More later…

3 Responses to “Hills, Hills, HILLS!”

  1. Granny gears all the way!! 😛 Think of hills as a predecessor of wonderful downhills!!!! 😀 Good job.

  2. Hey Allen, great job conquering those hills. Believe it or not, those hills are your friends. They will push your mind n body going up n reward you going down.

    Where I’m at we don’t have hills, just flat lands and wind. Lots of wind and they are now my constant riding companion.

  3. Hey Big Guy, I was checking through my stats and I saw the link to my blog from yours and wanted to say thanks, and keep pedaling! I started a journey similar to yours close to 5 years ago at 271 pounds. Still got a ways to go, but I’m down close to 70. p.s. the hills are my arch-nemesis too, but they will make you stronger… Good luck!

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