NOT a happy camper (or rider)!

I haven’t taken my bike out of the basement in two weeks. I’m not happy about that. Let me explain.

Being unemployed made me realize two things – 1. No job=no money and 2. no money=no food. So, I broke down and called my old employer and they hired me back on to come and drive for them over the road again. That day, I was given about a hundred things to do before I could go to the terminal to do orientation, so I didn’t get a chance to ride my bike before I left to head to Missouri.

Let us skip ahead to getting to orientation. Once there, I was told that since I was a diabetic, I needed to have my doctor fax all of my records to the doctor’s office at the terminal. No problem, right? WRONG!

Once they got my records they denied me because my A1C was high. Nevermind the fact that my blood sugar was perfect at the moment. All that they could see was that it had been high on a three-month average. The doctor there refused to even see me and they sent me home, again unemployed.

So, here I am at home again. No job, no prospects of a job, and not happy. I feel like a failure and I feel like I have let my wife down. It is really starting to get to me. What does this have to do with riding? I’ll tell you. I have had no desire to do anything other than sit on the couch and watch TV. I thought about riding. Wanted to ride. But, couldn’t make myself get up and get on the bike.

I will tomorrow, though. One way or another, I’ll be on my bike tomorrow and will be riding. How far? I have no clue, but I will be riding.

More later.

5 Responses to “NOT a happy camper (or rider)!”

  1. So sorry about the tough times! It sucks! My hubby was unemployed for 14mos, start a new job tomorrow. I watched him go through the same emotions you are going through right now! You are not letting anyone down!!! Not yourself, not your wife and family!! Just like my husband didn’t! The economy sucks! So hard to find work! Sounds like if you get your AIC to a better stat over the next 3mos, you will likely have a shot at getting your job back! Keep at it, my friend! Get back on that bike and do your best! Working out makes us feel better, and the motivation will gradually come! Keep your head up.

  2. Wow Allen, I didn’t know they could do that. Look at it this way, use this time off to get your health back in order. Diet and exercise will bring the A1C levels back in check. Once you get a job, you may not have much time to exercise so you might as well put this time to good use.

    Th economy is in rough times but don’t give up. As Magda said, keep you head up and stay positive.


  3. What is their justification for refusing employment over this? Inability to do the job? Concern over insurance costs? Liability issues? Not making a lot of sense to me.

    • DOT regulations say that if you are diabetic and on insulin, then you are disqualified from driving. Im not ON Insulin, but my sugar was out of control at that time. Dr wouldn’t release me to drive. Its under control now and Im driving, but it was a battle.

  4. Yeah being jobless really sucks, especially when you have very few prospects. Been unemployed almost 18 months myself.
    It’s good that your former employer was willing to take you back.

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