Today was a personal record for me

I did 11.6 miles on a bike today. I’ll say it again…I did 11.6 miles on a bike today!  I have never been over eight miles (I think I rounded up from 7.5 miles on that one). I think I could have kept going but I had a mishap with my clipless pedal. Yeah, ANOTHER mishap! I’ll tell you about that in a few. Tie a knot in this one and hang on.

I met up with two guys (who I now consider friends) from the site Clydesdale section, Martin and Daniel. It was awesome riding with Daniel (Dahamac) and Martin (Punkncat). I could not have asked to be with two nicer guys for a ride. I slowed them down, I know I did because they are accomplished riders, and not one time did I hear them complain. They let me go at my own pace and just tagged along with me. They kept telling me to take my time and not to go faster than I was comfortable at. They helped me a lot with my technique and were all around fun to ride with. Thanks guys for helping me!

We started out on the Silver Comet Trail at mile 0. The ride was going pretty well, even though I had to stop within the first 3 miles to rest. I was spinning too much and was burning my lungs. Martin and Daniel got me in the right rhythm after that and I was fine for the most part. We stopped at the Bicycle Depot at mile 4 and I wasn’t feeling too good. Stuck around there for a few minutes and I ate a Cliffs Bar and instantly felt better.

After we left the depot, we actually rode for about 4 miles before stopping again and I think that is as far as I have ever ridden without stopping. It was getting a little hilly and I was burning my legs AND my lungs. Once we got over the little hills, Martin needed to stop but I was coasting along at a good speed at that point and kept speeding up and figured I would go ahead a ways since they would have no problem catching up.

I probably rode about a mile when I saw this fence that I figured would be a good place to stop and just hold on and wait on them. I pulled over to the right to stop, unclipped my right foot because I was gonna rest my right hand on the fence. Slowed down and leaned left. Lol. Busted my ass again. My left elbow and knee hate me now. They told me so. My left knee is all puffed up as I type this and the elbow is stinging still. Once I hit the ground, I looked back and saw Martin and Daniel sprinting towards me on their bikes as well as a walker that I just passed. They all came like the Calvary. I was just embarrassed and shocked that I let that happen AGAIN. Second time in a week. LOL.

The wife had planned to meet me at mile marker 11.5 and see if I wanted to stop. When I got there, I thought that I could have gone another 5 miles or so, but decided to pack it in right there. I actually stopped because my knee was getting puffy and I was afraid it was gonna swell up on me. I’m still proud of my little effort. I know 11.6 miles is a warmup for most, but it was a milestone for me.

Now, I can’t wait to do it all over again! More later, guys!

5 Responses to “Today was a personal record for me”

  1. so great you are making progress and moving the boundaries…

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading about you and your bike in this blog. I also mentioned you in my blog today.

    Good job and keep it up.

  3. Outstanding effort. I set myself goals – usually hills around where I live. I have to stop frequently but it’s getting better.

    I clicked through from Steve Wilson’s blog above.


  4. Thanks for dropping by, guys! I hope you guys can visit regularly!

  5. Woot woot! Way to go Allen. Making some new cycling buddies is awesome as well. Great way to learn and get you going further pushing those boundaries.

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