I’ve been a BAD boy!

This weekend was NOT good for me. My intentions on Saturday were to get up, go to the Silver Comet Trail and bust off another 10-15 miles, come home and eat a good dinner and watch LSU beat Alabama (Geaux Tigers!).

What actually happened was, I got up and started watching Gameday on ESPN. Got sucked in to that and then the first game came on. I figured, what the heck and watched it thinking I would go ride after that game. I got hungry about then and figured I would order a pizza so i could have some today and put the rest up for tomorrow.

Well, before I knew it, I had eaten the WHOLE pizza! Now, that in itself would make me a TERRIBLE diabetic, but the day was not over. OH NO!

I proceeded to sit on my butt all day, watching football and ended up going to the store to get a snack. I seriously went to get something healthy. Really, I did! Ended up with a 20oz Coke and three candy bars. And yes, I drank the Coke and ate two of the candy bars before I realized it.

So, instead of going to knock out my miles, I spent the day with an old love of mine…PIZZA and CANDY! It was like I couldn’t stop myself. I craved it. I NEEDED it! I would have done a chocolate IV, if it was offered to me, I think.

Today (Sunday), wasn’t much better. All of those carbs from yesterday just made me lazy today and I didn’t get off of the couch. It was a beautiful 66 degree day today as well. I am SO disappointed in myself over this.

Tomorrow, Im going to punish myself by doing hill climbs. I hope to do 8-10 miles on rolling hills, but if I get 6-8 Ill be happy. Anything less than 6, I will be flat discouraged, I think! Eating all mod that crap has really got me depressed.

All of my hard work…down the drain. Im back on the wagon as of 8am tomorrow. I think i need a 12 step program!

6 Responses to “I’ve been a BAD boy!”

  1. Don’t beat yourself up over a bad day! It took me a long time to get on the right path — and even now I still have momentary relapses. The best thing to do is just forget about it — killing yourself on the hills won’t do you lot of good!

  2. Every one has a bad day. After my 26 mile ride I had 3/4 of a pizza for the Cowboy game. I haven’t had pizza in months but today I broke down and got a Papa Murphy’s. I too am not happy with my lack of will power today. As Forest Gump said, Shit Happens.

    Next time, swing over to your local grocery and head for the produce dept and pick up some fruit like Peaches or Apples, what ever is in season.

    Oh, turn off the TV. Schedule your ride first then back in time for the game.

    Keep on pedaling 🙂

  3. You’ll eventually get past the cravings for crap and won’t even desire it anymore. I’ve had a cupful of sugar free candies sitting in my desk at work for 6 months. Finally threw them out because I hadn’t eaten them and didn’t desire them anymore.

  4. Allen: we all have a pizza now and then. You aren’t the only diabetic to eat to excess. I do too. No need to punish yourself, it’s a process not a switch you can just trip and have everything AOK. The more you enjoy the process, the more rapid your change will take place. Have fun and enjoy the ride.

  5. Lenny from Saratoga Springs NY Says:

    Try this…..it works for me and maybe will for you. Allow yourself one cheat day a week. 24 hours.

    I allow myself from Sat Lunch to Sun breakfast. The guilt is not there if I eat what I want. Sometimes it’s a sub for luch with pizza & wings (my love) for dinner and bacon and eggs (my other love) for breakfast. I don’t beat myself up if I have all three. Most of the time , during my 24 hours, it is two healthy meals and one lousy one. Again I do it by choice so I don’t miss it when I chose healthy over crap. The more you ride, the easier the choices get.

    Your plight is motivating complete strangers, like me.

    Get back in the saddle…hills, flats, sprints or an easy ride….it doesn’t matter just get in the saddle

    Like nike says….just do it. Good Luck

  6. larryford Says:

    Hey lardass…did you quit? Stuffing your face with a pizza! get back on that bike!!!

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