From “Bad Boy” to Bad ASS! New PR – AGAIN!!

This weekend, I did a LOT of thinking about my episode on Saturday. Felt terrible, knew I had done wrong, felt ashamed and a little embarrassed. I felt sorry for myself for a while, got mad at myself for a while, then talked to myself for a while. What did I say? Ill tell you what I said…

I said, “Dude, you screwed up. You let people down including your wife and little girl, but most importantly you let Allen down! You were doing SO good. Your head was right and your way of life was changing and you tried to throw all of that away and for what? A pizza? A Coke and a candy bar? Were they good? Was it worth it”?

“HELL no, it wasn’t worth it”, I told myself. “It wasn’t worth the suffering I was going to have to do to turn this setback around. It wasn’t worth the wasted calories with that poison that I was shoving in my face when I could have ordered a salad and gotten off of my ass and got on my bike. No, it damned sure wasn’t worth it”!

Then I got to thinking about what I SHOULD do to fix it. I decided to get off of my couch today and hit the trail on my bike. I put my bike in the car and headed to the Silver Comet Trail again. I didn’t know how long I was going to ride for, nor how far. I was thinking about doing eight miles, which would have been to the [URL=””%5DSilver Comet Bike Depot[/URL] and back. I figured that would be about enough for me.

Off I went. The weather was PERFECT! Not a cloud in the sky and no wind to speak of. I was feeling pretty good, surprisingly. My legs didn’t burn much and I thought to myself that I was breathing really well compared to the last time. I kept about a 10-11 mph pace and was feeling pretty good. Figured that the bike depot would be a good place to stop and take a rest.

Got to mile marker 4.2 where the depot is and just decided to keep on riding. I figured maybe go a mile further and turn around. Got to mile marker 5.5 and said if I turn around now, Ill match my previous PR.

I just kept riding.

Thought about it for a minute and figured that if I could get to 7.5, then that would equal a 15 mile ride. Ive never done a 15 mile ride. I just kept riding until I got to 7.5 and figured I gotta ride BACK 7.5 now and turned around.

I thought it was going to be a tough return trip, but it turned out kind of pleasant. I figured out, on my way back, what someone told me to do with my cadence…get it to the point that you are comfortable and spin. I figured out what they meant by “Spin”.

I would be feeling resistance on my stokers when there was an incline but when there wasn’t and i was going down an incline, I just kept spinning the pedals at the same cadence like there was. It started feeling awesome! I wasn’t tired, my legs weren’t burning, my lungs weren’t burning, and I kept a constant speed whether I was going up or down an incline.

Anyway, I made it back to the trail head where the car was and I was at 14.89 miles and said there is NO WAY Im not going 15 miles. So I went out further past the trail head and turned around. Ended with a total of 15.4 miles…a NEW PERSONAL BEST!

I felt AWESOME after it was over! And to top it off…After the ride I had dinner (ribs and a sweet potato, baked) and STILL have 2000 calories left for the evening, which Im not going to use. So, according to, Im going to LOSE weight.

Im proud of myself. I really am!








Read it again…15.4 miles! 














7 Responses to “From “Bad Boy” to Bad ASS! New PR – AGAIN!!”

  1. Awesome job!!! I’m so glad your seeing the results of your hard work. It does get easier. And don’t beat yourself about the pizza and candy….you can’t go back now…only forward…Keep it up!!

  2. Great job! Every time you push just a few more miles you can feel the progress. I’ve just recently gotten to where I can do that 12-15 and push hard the whole way. For longer rides I hold something in reserve.

  3. good job Allen. Keep it up!

  4. Congratulations on the new personal best! Keep on riding, and don’t beat yourself up when you have occasional stumbles. I used to let a bad diet day throw me off for a whole weekend or longer. Now I know that every day is a new day, and one bad day doesn’t have to throw me off track.


  5. Outstanding.

    For me it has been Pork belly and roasted vegetables tonight. Pain tomorrow as penance!


  6. what’d you quit!?!?! loaf!

  7. comeon lard but get riding again!!!

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