I Fought the Hill and the Hill Won!

Posted in Cycling on September 20, 2011 by Allen Smith
Today, after a rest day yesterday, I decided to tackle a big hill just down from my house. I had planned on taking that hill and then riding for another 4-5 miles on the other side where it is flat. Big mistake.

I was psyched up…pumped…on FIRE ready to tackle this hill that had been my nemesis in my walking and running. I thought about this hill all day. I KNEW I was destined to beat this hill today. Not tomorrow…not next week…TODAY!

I got home and put on my lightest tech shirt and shorts…strapped on the iPhone to my arm, put on my gloves and donned my helmet. I was high fiving myself as I rode out of my yard…feeling great.

The clouds above me covered the sun and it was decently cool. I was hearing the birds chirping in the oak tree in my front yard as I passed. Pedeling harder until i reached the downhill in front of my house and coasted to the stop sign. Took a left and headed out.

The hill that was my enemy was in front of me. I could see it about a half mile down the road. I cursed at it and peddled harder, my teeth clenched in anticipation of beating this hill…this monster that has defeated me in everything but a car. Today, however, I was ready for it. I was on a brand new, 5 day old Trek 7000 bicycle and this hill was NOT going to beat me today.

Here it comes…Im at the bottom of it looking up and I took a deep breath, cursed it again, then changed my gears to one that would let me climb this beast as easy as I could. I charged up this hill like the troops storming the beaches at Normandy. All out, balls to the wall, I put everything into my peddling as I started up. So far, so good. I made it a third of the way up and was feeling great!

I could see the top at the half way point. My legs were on fire and my lungs were working overtime trying to get the air into them and out of them again. I felt like I was breathing hot air.

At just over the halfway point the hill finally spoke to me. Apparently, he hadn’t noticed me climbing his back until now. He yawned, bored with me, and then he slapped me. It HAD to be the hill that hit me because I looked and there wasn’t a brick wall anywhere around.

Suddenly, my legs slowed. I tried to change the gears on my bike, but it was no use. My legs were being grabbed by the hill’s scrawny hands and they would not let me turn the pedals. I stopped and got off of my bike, pretending I had a problem with my chain, so the hill wouldn’t think that he had gotten the best of me.

At this point, I had hoped that the hill had started ignoring me again and I jumped back on my bike and started back up. I heard a faint laugh from the top of the hill as he chuckled at me. again, he reached up and grabbed my legs and wouldn’t let me move.

My only choice at this point was to turn around and head back home…beaten and rejected. Again!

I was beaten. I was put in my place once again by my old enemy. I lost another battle today. I lost another battle, but I have NOT lost the war! There will be other battles, because I left him to fight another day. He didn’t kill me, though I thought he would.

One day, my friend…one day, I WILL beat you. Just not THIS day!

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