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Im back…health got the best of me!

Posted in Cycling with tags , , on August 10, 2012 by Allen Smith

Let me explain WHY I havent been around.

I did get the new job with the trucking company and was driving for a while, which kept me off of the bike. The problem was, my diabetes starting getting whacky because there is NO WAY to eat right on the road…at least not for me. My sugar went through the roof. As a result, the stress from it all made my blood pressure go up very high. I had some terrible chest pains that I played off as indigestion for about a month until one day, I couldnt take it any longer. At that point, I almost went to a hospital, but it eased off. Well, I had cut my leg on a part of my truck and my sugar being as high as it was, the wound wouldnt heal. My whole left leg swelled up beyond believe and was very very infected. I made the decision to have my dispatcher send me home and was routed to my home terminal so I could see my doctor.

When I stepped in her office, she flat told me that I wasnt going back on the road, especially when she saw my out of control sugar. My A1C was over 12 (normal is less than 7 and ideal is around 5). My fasting blood sugar was over 400 (normal being between 70-100). She then asked me what I had been feeling other than the wound on my leg. I broke down and told her about my chest pain. She immediately sent me to a cardiologist.

Upon seeing my cardiologist, he had me come in for a stress test. It ended up being a nuclear stress test and there was an abnormality with the upper chamber of my heart. A full heart cath was done.

Needless to say, Ive been down and out. Havent been on my bike since then. My cardiologist just told me that he wanted me to go ahead and start some excercise and I asked about riding. He told me that riding the bike and swimming would be what he recommended for me because of my back keeping me from walking a lot.

So, that is my story. Im going to get back on my bike this weekend and ride. Even if it is just around the block. Im not going to push myself to the point of hurting myself. Im ready to get my life back, though. Im ready to get it in order from the last six months and Im ready to get what I owe out of the way to the people I owe it to.

I never meant for it to seem like I was ignoring you, my blog. I never meant to drop off of this blog, but life (or a lack thereof) got in my way. I have gained the weight that I lost back and added more because of the sedentary lifestyle and its time to get down to the business at hand and get my life back.

It’s just time.

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