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OH MY LORD…I am out of shape!

Posted in Cycling with tags , , on August 16, 2012 by Allen Smith

So…as you all know, if you have read this blog, that I finally got the OK to get back to moving around again. You also know that I have a plan to get back to my bike and RIDE!

Well, I just got my bike road ready again after having it sit for over 6 months. Being out on the road in the truck and then being sick, I couldn’t ride like I did. I decided to get back on it and figured I would pick up where I left off…not losing too much of what I had accomplished (15 mile PR). Took the bike out after pumping the tires (finally got a pump) from the flats that they were. I didnt wear my clipless shoes, no gloves, only a helmet and my walking shoes. Figured I would just ride around the block to get a feel for the bike again, and then maybe do 5 miles or so.

Hmmmph! I didnt make it all the way around the block and I was blowing up. Breathing was hard. Legs were burning like fire, and I was getting worried that I might not make it back up the hill (very tiny small bump of a hill that is my driveway) to the house. I MADE myself not stop that bike as I climbed that hill and thought I was going to pass out when I stepped off of the bike. LOL.

I sat in the chair under my carport and tried to keep my eyeballs from falling out of my skull as they were pumping with every beat of my heart. My chest was on fire! My heart was beating HARD. It got a little scary for a few minutes. I made it up the steps into the house and sat in front of the fan thinking just how miserable I was at that precise moment. I was also, at that precise moment, looking forward to tomorrow and doing it all over again!

It really did surprise me just how out of shape I had gotten! I knew I had gained back the weight that I had lost, and am now at a personal high weight of 294, but I didn’t expect to have lost THAT much of what I had gained.

I guess the time for hard work has come upon me again!

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